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Programming and custom OS

As our society continues to grow and advance in several ways, the most abundant that we see is that through technology. It may not seem like if, especially to the younger generations, but technology has come a ong way since the time it really took of in the early 2000s, and it has only continued to improve and expand into further and more advanced realms. One of the latest technology advancements that we are seeing is that of people creating their own operating systems for their phones and other programming. However, custom operating systems can be show some cause of warning, and may not be all that it is cracked up to be. We will let you be the judge of that!

In order to understand what exactly putting a custom operating system will do to your cell phone, it is best to begin with what exactly a custom operating system is. A custom operating system is pretty self explanatory — it is a version of your standard operating system that is provided in your phone, including the apps and other services that are provided, however it is completely customized by some individual. You may think that in some way or another, each smart phone is technically uniquely personalized in some form or another, especially when it comes to the apps that you add on and other features like that. Although that may be true, there are still several differences between that mentality and the idea of an actual custom OS.

Having a custom operating system can allow you to have a couple of decent benefits, such as that of frequent updating. This may seem like a hassle to the majority of the population, it is so important to make sure your phone is up to date and working to the beat of its ability at all times. To go along with that thought, the custom OS can also help your phone work more efficiently since you aren’t having to deal with any unnecessary updating or applications that some phones and systems can be plagued with.

It may seem like a lot to take in, but don’t worry! The world of technology and the advancements in our devices are always changing, and there is always someone it there who can help us get through it with a better understanding. If you are wanting to learn more about the concept of programming and custom operating systems, you can find much more information online or even with an IT technician through your provider.

A Few OS to Think About

images (46)With all the OS (operating systems) out there, it’s hard sometimes to really understand, not only what they do for your computer/laptop, but which one’s the best to get. We’ve all heard of Windows and have a basic understanding of how that operates.

Google Chrome is one of the fastest internet apps produced and a highly used one at that. It would make sense that Google Chromium was based off that ideal. What you can do with Chromium is start up the computer, and get going on a lot of tasks you might need to, before a lot of other OS have finished with the loading screen.

Google has even come out to talk about the ‘Chromium project’ saying, “Chromium is an open-source browser project that aims to build a safer, faster, and more stable way for all users to experience the web” ( If the company’s talked directly about this, then I’d say it’s worth looking into.

I have Windows on my laptop and, although it’s not the fastest, I find it does it’s job incredibly well. The last update it went through back in about 2015 left a bad taste in a lot of IT people’s mouths. A lot complained that it made the browser load incredibly slow and even causeddownload a few crashes. I personally held out on the update until early 2016 in the hopes that these problems would’ve been fixed by then. They just might have, mainly because I haven’t experienced any of those problems.

Every computer I’ve had, has had Windows running on it. So for about 6-7 years now I’ve been using this OS to do my work and write with. Overall I’ve never had major problems with glitches, crashes or too slow of a load time. I wouldn’t not recommend Windows to someone who’s never had a laptop, but I do insist that when you purchase one that you ask the person helping you what they suggest for what you’re buying. Windows may run incredibly well on PC’s and Dell’s, but Mac’s most likely need an OS specifically designed for Apple computers.

I’ve used Mac’s before, and honestly they run about the same as an HP. They both had the same loading time, both took about the same amount of time for the apps to pull up, all of it. The OS operating on a Mac is very similar in the way it runs the computer, compared to how Windows runs on a PC. If you’re looking into buying a Mac or any other Apple computer product, definitely look into which OS run the best on those; they’re built to handle different things than a PC is so it’s be well worth your time to check into it before you make a purchase. images (47)